Thursday, November 21, 2019

Business Skills For Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Business Skills For Success - Essay Example Effective time management and planning can be key components in achieving success at work as well as having a proper work-life balance. Good listening skills are very crucial in communicating with others and can play a key role in achieving success in life. There are some factors that lead to poor listening and these barriers can be overcome to ensure that one listens effectively. Today, stress is one of the key problems faced by people in the workplace, but it can be tackled or eliminated if a person organizes himself and keeps a balanced work life. Problems are a cause of concern for some and an opportunity for others. But what matters is how these problems are resolved. Cultural Diversity has its positives and negatives but the positives outweigh the negatives, hence it is important to value cultural diversity in the workplace as it can prove to be a catalyst for improved organization performance. Gender sensitivity means to recognize the different roles played by the men and wome n of an organization and recognizing each group’s contributions and addressing issues differently in order to strive for equality in the workplace. In short, managers are given a position of authority based on their role while a leader gains it through his approach. Entrepreneurship has a deeper meaning than just starting up a business. Entrepreneurship is something from which the society and the overall economy benefits. In short business etiquette’s play a vital role in defining a person’s overall personality and good manners in the work place can take a person a long way in achieving a successful career. a. What is business ethics? Business ethics are a set of rules or professional ethics which are used to examine ethical and moral behaviours that arise in a business environment. Good business ethics are considered important and should be adopted by all organizations. Some business which are only interested in making money try to bend the rules and do not fol low proper code of business ethics and do their business in a way in which it earns them bad reputation. Making money is not considered wrong but the way in which company makes money is important and it is important for businesses to maintain proper ethics so that they have a favourable corporate image in the eyes of the industry and the customer base. Business ethics involves all types of dealings and transactions which take place in the business world; this also includes one-to-one dealing with your customers. Following business ethics means that not only the company makes profits but it also keeps in mind the well-being of the population at large as well as maintaining high quality standards which gained the company the so many customers. For example some businesses ignore the customer service side of things and are only interested in making money. These firms can be successful in the short-run but there is a minimal chance that they will succeed in the long run. Hence it is impo rtant to provide help and assistance to your customers. Sources: CityLocal. (n.d.). The Importance Of Business Ethics. Retrieved August 4, 2011, from Article Click: Johnson, K. W., & Abramov, I. Y. (2004). Business Ethics: A MANUAL FOR MANAGINF A RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE IN EMERGING MARKET ECONOMIES. United States of America: U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. wiseGEEK. (n.d.). What is Business Ethics? Retrieved August 4, 2011, from wiseGEEK: b. Time Management at Work Time management is one of the most important skills which an employee should possess in order to maintain

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