Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Managment - Essay Example The organization was founded to exploit the gap between fast food restaurants and full table service restaurants. The organization does not provide full table services but offers better services compared to fast food establishments. 2. How rapid was the growth of your organization, and what problems did it encounter while it grew? Describe the passage through the stages outlined in Greiner’s model. How did managers deal with crisis it encountered as it grew? The growth of the Chipotle shows that the organization established in 1993 has rapidly grown to be among the most profitable organizations in the global market. The revenue earned by the organization has almost grown by three times since 2006. The problem Chipotle has experienced during its growth stage has been competition from other organizations in the restaurant business. Greiner’s model evaluates growth of the organization through a series of five stages. The first stage is growth through creativity where the organization is unique. The second stage is growth though direction where the organization grows by focusing on its products, then there is growth through delegation. The forth stage is growth trough coordination and the last stage is growth through collaboration as the organization expands its operations. The managers dealt with the problem of competition by increasing awareness by advertising the organization (Jones & Gareth 315). The growth stage that Chipotle is currently experiencing can be described as the growth through delegation stage. The organization has growth over a relatively short time increasing the number of outlets. The external problems facing the organization include competition from other players in the food industry and the changes in the economy which has reduced the overall sales. Internal problems include maintaining consistency over all the outlets to maintain the culture of the organization.

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