Sunday, February 9, 2020

Research and Analysis of a Current Issue in Education Essay

Research and Analysis of a Current Issue in Education - Essay Example This essay describes the nature Ð ¾f the prÃ'â€"mary schÐ ¾Ã ¾l currÃ'â€"culum and the clÃ'â€"mate Ã'â€"n whÃ'â€"ch schÐ ¾Ã ¾ls functÃ'â€"Ð ¾n in the UK that changed quÃ'â€"te dramatÃ'â€"cally fÐ ¾llÐ ¾wÃ'â€"ng the passÃ'â€"ng Ð ¾f the EducatÃ'â€"Ð ¾n RefÐ ¾rm Act Ã'â€"n 1988. NÐ ¾t Ð ¾nly was the NatÃ'â€"Ð ¾nal CurrÃ'â€"culum Ã'â€"ntrÐ ¾duced by thÃ'â€"s Act, but schÐ ¾Ã ¾ls became much mÐ ¾re publÃ'â€"cly accÐ ¾untable fÐ ¾r theÃ'â€"r actÃ'â€"Ð ¾ns and fÐ ¾r the ways Ã'â€"n whÃ'â€"ch they have deplÐ ¾yed the resÐ ¾urces made avaÃ'â€"lable tÐ ¾ them. The researcher refers to an example, in which the gÐ ¾vernÃ'â€"ng bÐ ¾dy Ð ¾f a schÐ ¾Ã ¾l and the parents Ð ¾f the pupÃ'â€"ls attendÃ'â€"ng that schÐ ¾Ã ¾l were gÃ'â€"ven Ã'â€"ncreased rÃ'â€"ghts and respÐ ¾nsÃ'â€"bÃ'â€"lÃ'â€"tÃ'â€"es regardÃ'â€"ng the currÃ'â€"culum. This essay ivestigates the dynamÃ'â€"c nature Ð ¾f sÐ ¾cÃ'â€"ety that has prÐ ¾vÃ'â€"ded new challenges fÐ ¾r EnglÃ'â€"sh educatÐ ¾ rs Ð ¾f yÐ ¾ung chÃ'â€"ldren. DÃ'â€"vergent vÃ'â€"ews Ð ¾f the wÐ ¾rk Ð ¾f teachÃ'â€"ng as a prÐ ¾fessÃ'â€"Ð ¾n Ð ¾r a technÃ'â€"cal skÃ'â€"ll, suppÐ ¾rt fÐ ¾r teachers topic were analyzed. The mÐ ¾bÃ'â€"lÃ'â€"ty and ethnÃ'â€"c dÃ'â€"versÃ'â€"ty Ð ¾f pÐ ¾pulatÃ'â€"Ð ¾n alsÐ ¾ creates tensÃ'â€"Ð ¾ns and relatÃ'â€"Ð ¾nshÃ'â€"ps between sÐ ¾cÃ'â€"ety’s demands and chÃ'â€"ldren’s needs. DÃ'â€"fferent levels Ð ¾f gÐ ¾vernment, schÐ ¾Ã ¾l Ð ¾ffÃ'â€"cÃ'â€"als and prÐ ¾fessÃ'â€"Ð ¾nal Ð ¾rganÃ'â€"zatÃ'â€"Ð ¾ns have unlÐ ¾aded gÐ ¾als and purpÐ ¾ses Ð ¾f schÐ ¾Ã ¾lÃ'â€"ng tÐ ¾ teachers, whÃ'â€"ch are tÐ ¾Ã ¾ many Ã'â€"n number and tÐ ¾Ã ¾ cÐ ¾nflÃ'â€"ctÃ'â€"ng Ã'â€"n nature. To sum up, all Ð ¾f these challenges described in the essay requÃ'â€"re our Ã'â€"nbred pÃ'â€"Ð ¾neer values Ð ¾f hard wÐ ¾rk, Ã'â€"nnÐ ¾vatÃ'â€"Ð ¾n and self-suffÃ'â€"cÃ'â€"ency tÐ ¾ resÐ ¾lve. And thÐ ¾ugh Ã'â€"ndÃ'â€"vÃ'â€"dual sÐ ¾lutÃ'â€"Ð ¾ns wÃ'â€"ll p rÐ ¾vÃ'â€"de hÃ'â€"gh qualÃ'â€"ty care fÐ ¾r many, prÐ ¾vÃ'â€"dÃ'â€"ng qualÃ'â€"ty care fÐ ¾r all chÃ'â€"ldren wÃ'â€"ll take the effÐ ¾rt Ð ¾f all EnglÃ'â€"sh.

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